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The End of Something Wonderful: Cover Reveal, Interview, and Pre-Order
March 12, 2019

One of the extremely delightful things about writing kidlit is all the moments you get to celebrate your book along the way.

You celebrate getting an agent.

You celebrate a book sale to a publisher

You celebrate getting edits (no, seriously)

You celebrate seeing art from the illustrator (and maybe cry a little bit at how perfectly wonderful it is)

And you celebrate a whole lot more. A major reason for doing this is how slooooooow picture book publishing crawls. When you get a picture book deal it will be AT LEAST two years until that book is actually in stores, so you really have to celebrate every little moment.

A major moment to celebrate is the cover reveal. Now when this particular event happens, you have already seen, marveled, and cried happy tears over the cover -- probably months before. But this is the public reveal to everyone else and it tends to be timed with when the book is available for pre-orders at various locations.

Last month, I was thrilled to have John Schumacher, Ambassador of School Libraries for Scholastic, host the cover reveal for THE END OF SOMETHING WONDERFUL: A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO A BACKYARD FUNERAL on his blog along with an interview.

As you can see, George Ermos' art is simply gorgeous, and I cannot get over how cover designer Irene Vandervoort created such a perfect embodiment of the book: funny, strange, real, and sweet. (THAT EDWARD GOREY FONT GUYS!)

Just wait until you see and read rest of it.

Here's what it's about, BTW: "Children love their pets very much -- and when the animals die, that loss can be hard to process. The End of Something Wonderful helps kids handle their feelings when they're hurting and can't find all the right words. In a warm, understanding, sometimes funny way, it guides children as they plan a backyard funeral to say goodbye, from choosing a box and a burial spot to giving a eulogy and wiping away tears. Most of all, it reassures them that it's not the end of everything . . . and that Something Wonderful can always happen again."

Go ahead and pre-order it from your local indie here. It's also available for pre-orders from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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