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Reviews, mentions, articles, and interviews for Suffering Succotash: A Picky Eater's Quest to Understand Why We Hate the Foods We Hate:


"Using humor, gusto, and her sensitive if skeptical palate to great effect, Stephanie Lucianovic explains the mechanics of picky eating. She shows us why we like things and not others, and illuminates the mysteries of our sense of taste. It takes a picky eater to understand picky eaters, and we should all be grateful for Lucianovic's inspired work." Amanda Hesser, cofounder of Food52.com and author of The Essential New York Times Cookbook

"As a diner who will gladly eat the eyeballs off a shrimp, but who recoils in horror at the site of a raisin in an oatmeal cookie, I adored Suffering Succotash. Stephanie Lucianovic's charming and hilarious exploration of why we hate the foods we hate is packed to the gills with research on everything from sword-swallowers to supertasters and yet reads like a guilty pleasure. I couldn't put it down." Suzanne Morrison, author of Yoga Bitch: One Woman's Quest to Conquer Skepticism, Cynicism, and Cigarettes on the Path to Enlightenment

"Lucianovic proves that hanging out with a picky eater doesn't have to be torture--do not judge the picky eater, just laugh as she learns to enjoy cruciferous vegetables." Beth Lisick, author of Helping Me Help Myself and cocreator of Porchlight, the San Francisco storytelling series.

"Hilarious and honest, Suffering Succotash is a fascinating read if you've ever gagged on your greens (or know someone who has)." Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan, authors of Messy and cofounders of GoFugYourself.com


Suffering Succotash is referenced in O, The Oprah Magazine's book club issue, July 2012. "The Science Behind the Foods We Love (and the Ones We Hate!)"

"These other strands, and the seamless (and often hilarious) manner in which Lucianovic connects them to the scientific questions and answers, make Suffering Succotash the perfect popular science book for a reader that doesnít think he or she wants to read a popular science book." -Scientific American.com, June 29, 2012. (full article)

"Still, as I read about Ms. Lucianovic's conversion, I experienced a conversion as well; only mine was about people, not food. Picky eaters, I realized, were not trying to drive me crazy." -Pittsburgh Post Gazette, July 1, 2012. ("Picky eater, Stephanie Lucianovic, retrains taste buds")

"[F]or a non-picky eater like me, reading "Suffering Succotash" is a necessary, if guilt-inducing wake-up call...Fortunately, Stephanie delivers the news with such aplomb and humor that I didnít wind up self-flagellating with a garland of raisins for too long. There are many laugh-out loud moments in the book -- only Stephanie could write a diatribe on her motherís nose for cat pee, after all -- but just as important, thereís more than a little something for everyone in the book." -KQED Bay Area Bites, July 2, 2012. (full review and Q&A)

"Because having to fork up a pile of nasty, seeping spinach that had probably already gone cold by the time you got to it? NO. I'm a recovering picky eater turned full-time foodie, and I still wouldn't eat spinach like that! Anderson, you need my help." -CNN Eatocracy. July 2, 2012. (My article/open letter to Anderson Cooper: "A five-step plan for overcoming picky eating")

The New York Times Motherlode Blog, July 9, 2012. (My article: "Parents of Picky Eaters, It's Not Your Fault")

"It's a funny and fascinating ride through the world of taste-bud analysis and the biggest bugaboo of picky eaters -- 'texture violations.'" Bay Area News Group (San Jose Mercury News), July 9, 2012. ("A picky eater turns foodie")

Yahoo! Shine, July 10, 2012. ("10 Common Misconceptions About Kids Who Are Picky Eaters")

"Stephanie is a funny lady and self-dubbed 'recovering picky eater.' It's a must-read for any picky eater, parent of a picky eater, or co-habitant with a picky eater." About.com, July 10, 2012. ("Suffering Succotash!")

The Washington Post Food Section, July 11, 2012. (My article: "Yes, I still hate bananas.")

Q&A at WashingtonPost.com On Parenting Blog, July 11, 2012. ("Teaching a picky eater to become a foodie")

Guest panelist for WashingtonPost.com Live Chat, July 11, 2012. (full transcript)

"Stephanie Lucianovic combines plenty of research, a healthy dose of science, and her own memories of growing up as a picky eater to present a thoroughly entertaining, thoughtful look at why people do and do not like to eat certain foods. The book was a revelation to me..." BlogHer, July 11, 2012. ("Stand Picky, Stand Proud: Lucianovic Demystifies Picky Eating In New Book")

"Stephanie Lucianovic, a culinary school graduate, ex-cheesemonger, and food writer, understands the picky eater's pain." BonAppetit.com, July 13, 2012. ("Picky Eating Is Like Manic Depression, and Other Thoughts from the Author of "Suffering Succotash")

WFAEats.org interview, July 23, 2012. ("Confessions of a Picky Eater Turned Foodie")

Tomato Nation Readalong and Live Chat, July 26, 2012. (Full transcript)

Allure magazine interview, August 2012 issue. (Giveaway at 4pm EDT on August 14!)

WebMD interview, August 1, 2012. ("The Underground World of Adult Picky Eaters")

"Lucianovic vividly (and humorously) describes her intense childhood food aversions and clever coping strategies, along with her surprising evolution as an adult into an omnivorous foodie...youíll find yourself laughing out loud and enjoying the ride." The Lunch Tray, August 2, 2012. (Review and giveaway)

The Hairpin (cross-posted at The Awl), August 15, 2012. (My article: "Liar, Liar, Food on Fire")

"What is most amazing of all is how she overcomes her picky eating by becoming a foodie and going to culinary school." Raising Healthy Eaters Blog, August 28, 2012. (Review)

Menlo Park Almanac News, August 30, 2012. ("You are what you [won't] eat")

"Lucianovic uses a full plate of humor, a heaping of expert interviews and a side dish of personal history to explore these food phobias, hitting on topics including genetics, 'supertasters' and the gag reflex." Northern Virginia Magazine, September 4, 2012. (Full article)

"An honest and hilarious book that talks to us all." --Tyler and Tolan Florence (Tyler Florence Book Shop Event)

"[Lucianovic's] journey gives her a perspective that lifelong gourmets might not have." "Stephanie Lucianovic peels off picky label," San Francisco Chronicle, September 26, 2012. (Interview)

Daily Mail, September 30, 2012. ("Curing fussy eaters: Can you teach your tastebuds to LOVE the food that you HATE?")

Parents.com, October 1, 2012. ("Got a Picky Eater? Relax")

Richmond Magazine, November 9, 2012. ("Gag Reflex Picky eating isnít your fault")

CNN's Eatocracy, November 20, 2012. (My article: "What's the Thanksgiving dish you dread?")

Good Food Stories, November 26, 2012. (review and give-away)

5 Second Rule, November 27, 2012. ("A tasty trove of food books, for gifting")

io9/Gawker, December 4, 2012. (book excerpt)

Hedonia, December 4, 2012. ("Food books that rocked my year")

Minneapolis Star-Tribune, December 6, 2012. ("Still more choices for gifts with local flavor")

"Lucianovic tells an entertaining story of her life in pickiness...If pickiness makes you miserable, this might be just the cure." --Marion Nestle, Food Politics, December 14, 2012.


On the radio show "Topical Currents," Joseph Cooper asks me about the surprising history of the expression "Suffering Succotash," and I ask him why he told friends he was allergic to mushrooms. Miami's WLRN, June 28, 2012. (Listen to the archived show)

Live interview with Morning Living, Martha Stewart Radio, July 2, 2012.

Live interview with Michael Krasny on "Forum," Northern California's KQED (NPR affiliate), July 5, 2012. (Listen to the archived show)

Interviewed by Mitch Teich for "Lake Effect," WUWM Milwaukee (NPR affiliate), July 9, 2012. (Listen to the archived interview)

Interviewed by Rachel Belle for "Ring My Belle," KIRO-FM Seattle, July 10, 2012. (Listen to the archived segment)

Interviewed by Steve Fast for "The Steve Fast Show," WJBC-AM, Chicago.

Live interview with "Chuck & Don," KMA (ABC Radio affiliate), Cedar Rapids, Iowa, July 10, 2012.

Live interview with Bulldog for "Rude Awakening," WOCM-FM, Baltimore, July 10, 2012.

Interviewed by Corey Dylan for "Your Story with Corey," WFAL, Tampa.

Interviewed by Jim Donovan for "Central New York Saturday Morning News," WSYR, Syracuse, NY.

Live interview with Tron Simpson for "Tron in the Mornings," KCMN-AM, Colorado Springs, July 10, 2012.

Interviewed by Mark & Bill for "Growing Bolder," WMFE-FM, KGLP, High Plains Public Radio, July 10, 2012. (Listen to the archived show.)

Interviewed by Dr. Alvin Jones for "The Business of Wisdom," WNEW-AM (Washington, DC) and WCBQ-AM/WHNC-AM (Raleigh/Durham, NC).

Live interview with Rochelle & Pam for "Chat with Women," KKNW-AM, Bellevue, Wash., July 10, 2012.

Live interview with Joy Cardin for "The Joy Cardin Show," Wisconsin Public Radio, July 11, 2012. (Listen to the archived show)

Interviewed by Jeff Schechtman for "Late Mornings with Jeff Schechtman," KVON-AM, Napa, CA

Live interview with Mike Collins for "Charlotte Talks," WFAE Charlotte (NPR affiliate), July 23, 2012. (Listen to the archived show)

Interviewed by Armin Brott for "Positive Parenting," July 30, 2012. (Listen to the archived show)

Interviewed by Amy Tobin for "Amy's Table: A Guide to Living," WKRQ-FM, August 19, 2012. (Listen to the archived show)

Live interview with C.J. Liu for "Fire It Up with C.J.," WBLQ-AM 1230, September 20, 2012. (Listen to the archived show)

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