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The Nause-AA: Final Showdown
September 25, 2012


Since I came to no real consensus in Suffering Succotash about the most hated food -- though an awful lot of people talked about tomatoes -- we're going to make this determination ourselves with our highly scientific polling system.

Head on over to Tomato Nation to register your displeasure: remember vote with your gag reflex, vote for the most disgusting choice, vote to vomit!

3 organ meats/offal vs. 15 Lima beans
I have to admit to being completely underwhelmed by this matchup. Lima beans seem too...predictable? Maybe it's just that I don't have a deeply personal investment in them, either way. I don't like them, but I'm also not overcome with Lima loathing. HOWEVER, I am bitchily happy to see organ meats/offal here since a local "famous" chef -- who agreed to be interviewed for Suffering Succotash and then rudely blew me off once he realized I was writing about picky eaters -- has perched most of his fame on a pile of the bits and bobs most sane people wouldn't be caught dead sticking in their mouths. Too bitter? Well, that's the most fire you'll see from me in this fight. Kill 'em organ meats! --Keckler

Agreed. I can't eat organs and I like Limas, so I don't really have a dog in this hunt, and it's hard to say which hated food wins. Yes, eating a lung is gross, but the resentment of/hatred for the little greenies has surprised us all along, and may yet score a championship-caliber upset for Lima beans. I won't vote for them…but I think they'll win. --SDB

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