N.C. Double Scoop: All Hail Mint Choc Chip
September 27, 2008

The votes are in and the results tallied! It was a close thing for awhile, but 3000 votes later, the violently green mint chocolate chip toppled vanilla for the 2008 N.C. Double Scoop Championship.

Stay tuned for the next installment of Food Bracktology: Cereals! Will Count Chocula suck the life out of Life? Can Cheerios really hope to effectively fight someone as battle-seasoned as Cap'n Crunch? Will Lucky Charms make good on their name? Did you hear how Snap stole the limelight from Crackle and Pop, culminating in a massive team breakdown? Doesn't Wheaties smell like wet dog?

All these questions and more will soon be answered by the voters over on Tomato Nation when the N.CerealAA is rolled out by Bunting and Tara.

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